Basic Sustaining spiritual Fitness

The tools of the recovery movement may be used by anyone seeking spiritual growth and personal liberation. In this workshop an experiential process is created whereby participants can become archeologists indulging in spiritual excavation, leading to a greater sense of personal freedom from both ego and life’s fluctuating circumstances. Principles drawn from the 12 Step recovery process, transpersonal psychology, and various spiritual disciplines are integrated so as to provide participants with tools helpful to enhancing and sustaining their spiritual fitness.

Who would benefit from this workshop?

  • • Anyone wanting to develop their spirituality, regardless of whether or not they are in any form of recovery.
  • • Anyone who feels that they want to explore or deepen your relationship with something bigger than you.
  • • Anyone wanting to enhance their resilience, creativity and vitality in the face of stress and challenge
For those who have done this or another of my workshops, there is also an Advanced Spiritual Fitness workshop which helps participants further develop their "spiritual fitness" and builds on the principles and practices of the Basic Workshop on Sustaining Spiritual fitness.