Private Practice

In my private practice I offer (i) individual, couple therapy and (ii) individual /organisational work based on Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology.

Couple and Family therapy:
The best of relationships go through times of challenge, often characterised by intense emotions where one or both partners feel unheard by the other. I provide a safe and supportive space where you can address important issues, learn to better understand yourself and your partner, and find new ways of relating to each other. While we can’t afford to avoid the things that aren’t working in the relationship, it is equally important to identify strengths and resources that have emerged from the past in the relationship. These can provide a platform for the next stage of relationship-building.

Addictions, Co-dependence, Eating Disorders and OCD:
Having worked intensively with these conditions over 3 decades, I enjoy supporting people who are moving into a new phase of their lives where they are leaving their addictions/compulsions behind; people who are wanting to move from “surviving to thriving” and living more purposeful lives. I have a very thorough “inside out” understanding of the 12 step process but compliment this with up-to-date evidence-based psychological approaches, including theory and practices from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. This helps enhance resilience and positive aspects of people to balance out the focus on “problems and defects.”

Personal and spiritual growth:
I see many high-functioning people who are looking for greater inner peace and/or a sense of purpose or meaning; or greater clarity about the direction they want to take in their lives; or just wanting to improve their relationships with self, others and something bigger than themselves. These clients come from diverse religious belief systems or may have no religious belief system in particular. I believe that there is great power in growing awareness of all our different parts – the “good, the bad and the ugly” and simultaneously growing a connection with the core best self which contains our divine spark. Over decades of this work I have a firm belief in the universal human capacity for “life-forward movement” and greater wholeness.