About Me

Peter Powis

Clinical Psychologist

I am a registered clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and addictions recovery therapist. In my private practice I work with individuals, couples and families in recovery from addiction and co-dependence and people with no addiction problem who’ve experienced relationship problems, anxiety, loss, trauma and chronic illness. I also work with people simply seeking psychological or spiritual growth. A significant part of my practice is helping individuals and couples deal with relationship problems.

I’ve worked in diverse settings, from a township community project to the well-known Stepping Stones Addiction Centre in Kommetjie which I co-founded in 1998. Prior to being the Clinical Director at Stepping Stones for 12 years, I was director of the Chemical Dependence Programme at Kenilworth Clinic and before that Director of the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre. I am still used as a consultant by a number of treatment centres. I’ve done a lot of work with groups and have run many workshops and training courses in a variety of contexts.

I've done a lot of work with groups and have run many workshops, retreats and training courses within organisations and for the general public.

I’ve undergone training in a wide range of therapeutic approaches to individual, couple/family and group therapy, and am a certified Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist (see www.focusing.org if you’re interested in finding out about Focusing). I am also a certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator; as such I work with individuals, couples and organisations in a way that helps clarify strengths and identify the positive core that exists in all human beings and systems. It is this core that allows people and teams to enhance their resilience and creativity and fulfil their potential. One of my guiding values is absolute faith that every person has something of significant value hidden within and that every human system has something about it that works.

Outside of work I like to spend my time with friends and family (I’m married and have an adult son and 2 younger kids), outdoors camping, hiking or 4 X 4"ing in the wilderness, keeping fit and reading and writing.

Patient Feedback

My wife passed away last year and Peter has been helping me with my grief. I learned valuable coping skills and am slowly starting to move on. Thank you Peter.

My rehabilitation has been a long and painful journey but Peter Powis has been by my side every step of the way. I am overcoming my addiction and feeling stronger every day.

My wife and I were struggling to make our relationship work and were on the verge of divorce when someone recommended Peter Powis. He has helped us grow from strength to strength and we are much happier together now.