Services & Activities

The worskshop will focus on:

  • • A wholistic understanding of the nature of addiction and substance abuse
  • • Assessment (biopsychosocial) of the person;

Distinguishing between substance abuse and dependence
Assessing readiness to change

  • • First stage management (medical incl detox, psychological, social/family)
  • • Working with denial and building motivation to change
  • • Guidelines and practical tools for counselling.
  • • Working with the family
  • • Spirituality and Recovery
  • • Sustaining change and recovery

In conjunction with a colleague, I also run a course for corporates and health providers on "Utilising Strengths to enhance Vitality and manage Stress." This is designed to help people optimise their functioning both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

GrowHeart workshop - enhancing wellbeing in the workplace.

In conjunction with a colleague I run these workshops for corporates and health providers. The process focuses on: